April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22nd! :3

I had a really good day all around. I had school as usual in the morning time. I was starving but didnt want to eat to spoil my apetite. After classes i went to the doctor real quick and THEN Gil and i went to Five Guys :D! It was sooo goood! I love their cajun fries so much. I can eat those for days.

Afterwards I dropped him off at home. I took a nap. a 3 hour nap…. i got up around 7 and was productive for a bit! I talked to my parents while eating. I was in the mood for video games so i decided to continue playing Smash Bros from last thursday!! ^-^ that was pretty much my afternoon. when i got done playing i went back to my room, watched tv and eventually i took a shower! 

all these music festivals are making me excited! i want to go to all of theeeeem. i actually want to go to a few in one year. save up a crap load of money and just go on 4 road trips. THAT would be amazing. I’m pretty sure i’ll be going to Austin City Limits festival though. I just don’t know if I’ll be going 3 days or just get a single day.